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Bring the Chill to Every Beverage with an Ice Maker from Our Store

Tinkling ice in a glass doesn’t have to be only a summer pastime; with a dedicated ice maker, you’ll have ice-cold drinks all year round. While some refrigerators come with a built-in ice maker, having a separate ice maker means you can free up freezer space and have more ice-making capacity. At Dracut Appliance Center, we have the brands and styles that’ll match your kitchen design.

Shop by Brands

While you can always choose an ice maker with the same brand as your refrigerator, it’s beneficial to compare other top brands. With different brands, you receive different designs and features, so researching each brand is essential. You’ll find the power and ice capacity to add the “cool” to every occasion in our selection. Some of the brands we carry are:

  • Shop GE Profile ice maker
  • Shop KitchenAid ice maker
  • Shop Whirlpool ice maker
  • Shop Marvel ice maker
  • Shop U-Line ice maker
  • Shop XO ice maker
  • Shop Danby ice maker
  • Shop Electrolux ice maker
  • Shop Avanti ice maker

Need help narrowing down which brand will suit your needs? Check out our ice maker reviews to compare brands even further and gain more insights. Our customers will often note what they love about their appliance, while professional reviews highlight more distinct features and functions.

Shop by Type

The next thing to consider is the type of ice maker you would prefer. The type of ice maker depends on whether you want a built-in appliance or a freestanding model with versatile installation options. So, if you’re looking to have ice on hand for you and your family, a built-in model will suit your needs. But if you’re always hosting, a freestanding ice maker will let you bring ice to where the party is at. We carry a few types of ice makers, such as an under counter ice maker and a countertop ice maker.

You can also choose which type of ice your ice maker will produce, like clear, gourmet, or cube. With our selection, you’ll find the clear ice maker to provide the fresh taste you love as well as others. We have nugget ice makers, gourmet clear ice makers, and crescent ice makers, so choose which suits your preferences.

Time to shop for an ice maker at your local store in Dracut or Tewksbury! We have the brands and types to set your home up for chilled beverages year-round. No matter if you like hosting every shindig or crave crunching ice with every drink, we have you covered. If you have any questions, give us a call or stop by in person — when you shop with us, you’re family!